Losing The Fat, Gaining The Muscle

Submitted by: Asger Haug

Having problems with gaining muscle? Having difficulties with losing the fat? Well this is the right place for the solving answers. This is a totally natural and healthy way to get extremely ripped and maximizing your nutrient uptake by far. It is fast, it is easy, and it is profound and healthy in the same way.

Bear in mind that this is not a poor fat burning exercise or diet, in which you have to work hard and starve yourself. This is something new, but still so absolutely simple and commonsense based, that it will knock your socks off when you put it to action.

Consider the following:

– Your energy will explode to a level you did not even know existed.

– You will gain muscle more easily than ever before.

– Your eyes will brighten.

– Your skin will look amazing.

– Your charisma and aura will shine like a star in the dark.

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– Your fat will melt away.

All this sounds great, right? What I will introduce to you will be even more astonishing. It is a new approach which unlike many others works! So judge later when you see the results. Remember, if you keep on doing the same things you have always done, then you will get what you have always gotten. Now, it s time for some ripped muscles!

Before getting started, it is essential to understand some theory that lies behind this new approach. You already know that, your body is actually a bioelectric factory running on magnetic currents. Nerve signals are really nothing else but electrical impulses. Your cells, when healthy, are vibrant and energetic and your enzymes and nearly everything in your body works in synergy with this electrical energy, and it does it to create the life force that runs you every day. It is critical to keep this energy consistent for you to live. In order to keep this energy flowing and running, your bloodstream needs to maintain a certain chemical balance, also known as a pH balance.

Think about it for a second. What takes the oxygen to your cells? What takes the nutrients? What takes the vitamins, the minerals and all the other important stuff to your cells? Your bloodstream is the answer. The life quality of your body is the quality of your bloodstream. It is the river of life.

In order to keep this electrical energy, your blood must maintain a certain pH value of 7.365. In fact, this is so important that if this figure were to vary one or two points you would die instantly. It would be like pulling the plug from the power plant. Imagine everything shutting down.

On a pH range, where 1 is pure acid and 14 is alkaline, your bloodstream needs to stay slightly alkaline. The problem is that we constantly put this to the test by living an extremely acidic lifestyle. You all know what acid can do to things! It can burn a hole in steel for instance.

As your body becomes acidic, it retains fat as a binding agent to protect itself from the acids. Healthy EFA s are used to neutralize dangerous acids, and if you have a low-fat, acidic diet, which is poor in alkalinity, your body will never give away its fat, that is why you can exercise like crazy, consume no fat, and still not loose those last pounds off your belly.

That is really what you got around your hips and belly. It is not just fat, but acidic waste products on top of that. Even worse is the fact that an acidic body forms an environment for micro toxins to proliferate in mass. These micro toxins, such as yeast fungi, actually feed on all your nutrients. In some cases consuming 50% of all you eat. When you are having cravings for sugar it is because these micro toxins are starting to feed on your proteins – your muscles!

Plus, they create more acid. It is like a vicious circle. When red blood cells get ripped off their negative charge because of acid, they start to clump together and move more slowly. This means slower delivery of oxygen which makes you unbelievably tired and exhausted.

Acid is created by negative emotions, acidic foods, poor breathing, micro toxins and over exercising. This is why you can exercise like crazy without results. When you over exercise, you create lactic acid and your body retains fat to protect itself so that you don t loose it. The micro toxins consume your building nutrients so you do not gain muscle either. When your alkaline reserves are gone, your body starts to take calcium out from your bones and uses it as an alkaline buffer to neutralize the acids. This causes you to shrink. I have seen old people grow as much as 3 inches when they eliminate acids. There is no other scientific explanation to why we shrink other than acid.

When your body pH is fully in control, your muscles will start growing like crazy, because now all the nutrients, the enzymes, the amino acids, the EFA’s and building blocks are fully available to the body, resulting in muscle gain and fat loss. The bloodstream can flow freely and easily without resistance, and you do not need to share your nutrients 50/50 with the micro toxins.

The most alkaline foods are the deep green foods. The more green and colorful the food is, the more alkaline it is. Low-sugar fruits, nuts and veggies are the most alkaline foods of all. Hemp protein, wheat grass and spirulina are also extremely alkaline.

The most acidifying foods are high-sugar foods and red meat which contain lots of uric acid.

So here is how to do it:

1. Drink 4 liters of alkaline water a day (add hemp protein or juice some greens)

2. Take deep breaths 3 times a day where you fully oxygenate the body. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system which is the major detoxification system of the body.

3. Stay away from coffee, uric acid foods, cooked oils and most important, sugar.

4. If you have the guts to do it and you really want to cut off your fat, gain muscle, boost your energy and overall health, then you would go for veggies, hemp protein, lots of enzymes and water only, for 7 straight days. This might sound hard but the results will be miraculous.

Remember, you get results from action, not from reading. You can gain muscle and loose fat if you commit to action. Try it out!

P.S Check out the web for resources about the pH value of certain foods.

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