Perils Of Having Uncommon Phobias}

Perils of Having Uncommon Phobias


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Over the years, the list of phobias that may or may not strike fear and panic in the hearts of men and women alike continues to expand and grow longer. However the more common phobias such as arachnophobia, claustrophobia and dental phobias gets more attention and becomes more popular than other phobias.

There is a also a very long list of uncommon phobias. Uncommon phobias always seemingly have humorous effect to people who hears of it for the first time. A fear of the air or the light is a common subject in a comics material but these are as real as the usual phobias that we know of. These phobias are considered unusual because very few people tend to have them but it has the same effect to the person suffering from it just as a normal phobia affects an individual.

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An example of these uncommon phobias is amathophobia, it is the fear of dust. Another example is the fear of the fear of figure 8, which is referred as octophobia.

Just to name a few of uncommon phobias here is a short list and a brief description: Ophthalmophobia or the fear of getting starred at, Metrophobia or the fear of poetry or rhyming words, Thermophobia or the fear of heat, phobophobia or the fear of fear, cacophobia or fear of ugliness. This is just a few from a long list of uncommon phobias.

People who have these uncommon phobias suffers more than those with the usual ones. Imagine having an unusual fear of something and always get a humorous reaction from others. At the end of the day, uncommon phobias are still anxieties that could result in uncontrollable fear, panic and negative reactions that needs to be dealt with all seriousness.

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Perils of Having Uncommon Phobias