Secure Your Perfect Teeth With Our Cosmetic Dental Care Tips!

Secure your perfect teeth with our cosmetic dental care tips!


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At Dental Clinic @ World Tower positioned in Sydney, we can offer a variety of aesthetic dental health treatments to enhance the whole aesthetic quality of your smile

One of the best methods to absolutely makeover the whole appearance of your teeth is the use of dental porcelian veneers, which can engineer a million dollar smile that lasts for more than a ten years.

Just where did rappers like Lil\’ Wayne, Flava Flav and Ludacris source their gold adorned smile?

And just who was at the rear of the dental health appliance trend \”Grills\” that hip hop star Nelly notoriously sang about?

Dental practitioners of course!

Expensive, ostentatious and superficial, our dental professionals would much rather you choose a more natural-looking cosmetic method however for some fun let us explore the hip hop history of oral health bling!

Inside the 80s a renegade dentist Eddie Plein ignited the sensation when he produced gold dental crowns for rapper Flava Flav (of rap music group Public Enemy). He later set about to customise bespoke grillz (bedazzled removable porcelian veneers) for the bigger hip hop community. These were generally created from silver, gold or platinum, and then encrusted with high quality jewels.

This dental hygiene trend attained publicity over the following two decades with Ludacris, Lil Jon and Kanye West advertising the trend setting statement within their film videos. After 2 decades of irregular standing, in 2006 Nelly revealed his no. 1 hit \”Grillz\” and solidified this dental health trend in pop cultural history.

So how are grills comprised?

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Similar to a porcelain veneer repair, grillz are custom fitted to the patient\’s teeth.

First a dental professional will take an impression of the smile using an alginate dental hygiene putty.

This modeling is then utilised to generate a plaster model of the teeth.

This model is then used as a guide to manufacture the \”blinged up\” grillz to match the teeth seamlessly.

Unlike permanent veneers, grills are commonly clip on for hassle free extraction.

The long term dental health effects of wearing grillz has not been researched, but in the past some individuals have been found to cement grills to their smile, which can be dangerous and disastrous.

Ceramic Dental veneers

The benefits of Dental veneers

Stain proof exterior- porcelain dental veneers are comprised from a even porcelain that is resistant to stains from tobacco use and usage of highly coloured food and drinks.

Natural looking- the material used has transparent attributes that mimics the way natural tooth enamel shows and absorbs light. Unlike lumineers, ceramic dental veneers can be coloured differently to support differing shades in your natural tooth enamel.

Resilient- this treatment, with good care will probably endure 10-15 years before replacement is required.


The benefits related with lumineers

Non Intrusive

Demands virtually no drilling or tooth grinding to set up teeth for bonding.

Dental anesthetic agent might not be required.

Arrangement is fast and pain-free.

These are even reversible!

Visually Pleasing

Especially transparent, so they replicate the natural appearance of tooth enamel.

As thin as a contacts (generally 0.2 to 0.3 mm).

Lifts discoloured, tarnished, damaged or misaligned teeth.

Intense and Durable

Clinically established to last a minimum of two decades.

Adhered entirely to enamel- making an extraordinarily intense connection.

Drink and snack on whatever you desire!

Different from ceramic veneers, lumineers do not lower the chewing capability of front teeth.

Dental Implants Sydney

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