Laser Maxx Lasergames Opens First Laser Tag Center In The Middle East.

Submitted by: Marcel Rohrs

Middle-Eastern Chain of Restaurants Adopts LaserMaxx Laser Tag.

LaserMaxx Saniour in Lebanon recently opened their doors to become the first LaserMaxx Lase

Tag arena in the Middle-east, as part of the Lebanese Saniour Restaurant Chain.

De Bilt, The Netherlands, 8-11-2012

Founded in 1995, Dutch LaserMaxx Lasergames, recently opened

the first laser tag center in Lebanon. LaserMaxx Lasergames CEO Marcel R hrs: “We are thrilled to

open our first laser game arena in Lebanon. We have no doubt that this will mean an exponential

increase in laser gaming in both Lebanon and the Middle-East. Laser gaming is a universally popula


game after all. Players from each culture and each continent have proven to enjoy laser games as the

main event for birthday parties and of course as a fun activity with friends and family.”

Noticeably, the recently opened arena in Lebanon is part of a business which also host restaurant

services. R hrs: “It is interesting to see that even restaurants are picking up the entertainment value of

laser gaming. Over the years, laser games have proven to be an excellent addition to the range of

entertainment services a business can offer. It started out with go-karts, pool tables and bowling alleys,

ut the last years other type of entertainment businesses are also picking up laser gaming.”

As opposed to modern computer games or outdoor activities as paintball, a laser tag game is played in

a dark and misty arena. The goal of the intensive and entertaining game is to tag opponents with the

hand-held “laser” to gain points and reach the highest score as possible. The arena is often designed

with large graphic UV-paintings and has sound-, smoke-, and light effects to aid in the entertainment

perception of players.

About LaserMaxx Lasergames:

Founded in 1995, privately held, LaserMaxx Lasergames is European market

leader of professional laser game equipment.

Its clients host laser games in 28 countries worldwide, ranging from the cold tip of Norway to the warm beaches of Spain,

including major cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Istanbul, Moscow,

Nicosia, Prague, Stockholm, Lisbon, Vienna, Riga and Paris.

LaserMaxx Lasergames is the best professional laser tag equipment available for any company to use. Able to suit both stand-alone arenas as well as tied in to other entertainment options you may already have such as go-karts, bowling, coin-op or paintball, LaserMaxx Lasergames have proven themselves countless of times. Customization, extreme durability, high-quality products nd service and even many financing features. All those qualities are available only at LaserMaxx: the best professional laser tag equipment available.The success of LaserMaxx is based upon the core-values of building laser tag equipment of the best quality, combining the most modern technology with the most durable materials and continuously innovating new features for customers to use. LaserMaxx has firmly established itself as the leading brand within the laser tag industry!

LaserMaxx continues to be the leading brand in the industry due to innovative, high-quality and durable products!

Discover these and many more laser tag features and contact us to receive information about LaserMaxx, EVO-5 and financing features.

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