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Submitted by: David Ledoux

It’s hard to be a loan officer sometimes, although I really love my job. It is simply hard because I really want the people to come to me when they need something, and I want to be the one that they are getting their loans from. However, there are lots of loan officers, and some of them simply had a better handle on marketing than I did. It was important that I came up with some loan officer marketing tips that would work for me, and quickly, before I lost any more business. Loan officer marketing tips are what not only saved my business, but made me into the success that I am today.


First of all, I knew that I wanted to focus on more than one specific type of loan. Many loan officers want to stick with one type of loan because it narrows down their field and gives them a better way to contact potential clients. I didnt just pick one though, which is part of what set me apart. I made sure that I could do all types of loans; so that whatever a person needed they could come to me. This was part of my loan officer marketing idea, because I thought that people would be more likely to go with me if I could offer them a lot of different things. Boy, was I right. As soon as I made it clear that I could handle a person’s business loans AND their personal loans, it seemed like my appointment calendar was booked right away. I was sure that what was setting me apart was the fact that I could take care of a person’s entire loan needs, without having to worry about going somewhere else.

I was also sure that I focused on my loan officer marketing tips as much as I could. When it came to advertising, I knew that finding the right customer base would be hard, but also that it was important to find a large customer base. All types of people want to have loans, and so I knew that I couldn’t focus on only one base for customers. So, I started a wide scope of advertising, trying to focus first on a lot of free advertising. I found a lot of places online where I could put my name and my website information down for free, and I’m sure that this led to a lot of customers for me, simply because I was so visible. I also spent some money on ads that I was sure that a person in my home town would see, such as billboards and flyers. I tried to put my advertising in a place where people would be spending money, so that when they spent money and thought they might need more, they might look up and see my name. I thought that these would all be good loan officer marketing tips, and I was really right. My loan officer business grew faster than I thought it would, and I soon found that I had surpassed all of my previous goals. I’m pretty glad I followed my own loan officer marketing tips, let me tell you!

About the Author: David Ledoux is an author, speaker, trainer and mentor to entrepreneurs. His newest report The Small Business Death Sentence can be downloaded for free at


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