Pest Control In Ashburn, Va : 3 Tips For Combating Mosquito Control Treatment

byAlma Abell

Who would have ever thought that those pesky mosquitoes that light in the backyard every spring and summer could be dangerous. People have known for years that mosquitoes carry malaria, but that is something that happens in other countries, right? Wrong! It seems that mosquitoes pose a very real threat right here in the good old US of A.

When should be concerned not only about ants in the summer, but mosquitoes as well. Read on for three tips that will help you curb the mosquito threat searching for pest control Ashburn VA residents on your family this year.

Sprays, Patches, and Bracelets

Gone are the days when you had to slather yourself with Skin So Soft in order to play in the yard as dusk fell, now there are sprays, patches, and bracelets that are nonstick and easy to apply. The first thing you need to do, however is call in some form of pest control to spray your yard on a regular basis. You need the sprays and other repellents to keep the remaining mosquitoes off you, but you want as many of them eradicated to begin with as possible.


There are now electronic devices that you can set up in your home to harm the mosquitoes, before they can get to you. These are plugins that help protect the inside of your home. If you live in an area that is heavily populated by mosquitoes, these are useful to have.

You also need to change out your regular outdoor light bulbs and replace them with specialty yellow light bulbs that don’t attract as many insects.

Stop the Breeding in its Tracks

When searching for Mosquito Control Treatment Ashburn, VA residents should try to stop the breeding in its tracks. You will want to get rid of any standing water on your property as standing water is a virtual breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While mosquitoes may seem just pesky little creatures to you, they are, in fact, a lot more dangerous than the world once thought. You should take all precautions from sprays and patches to stopping the breeding to ensure that your family is protected this summer. This protection starts with the proper pest control every time.