Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Replacement In Salt Lake City


New car technology has reached the point that a manual transmission’s clutch will likely wear out well before the end of a car’s lifespan, which can now last several hundred thousand miles. The question then becomes not if your clutch is going to wear out, but when is it going to wear out?Familiarizing yourself with the telltale signs that a clutch is starting to wear out will allow you to take your car in for a Clutch Replacement in Salt Lake City before too much damage is done to the transmission.

The most important factor in determining how long your clutch will last is your driving style. If you live in an area where have to do a lot of shifting, are an aggressive driver, or in any other way hard on the clutch, it miles or so. There are three easy to remember signs that you may need clutch repair: slipping, sticking and burning.

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If the transmission is slipping in and out of gear its probable cause is a worn clutch plate that needs replacement. A worn clutch plate may also be the culprit if the car is jerking or lurching after shifts. Another cause of a slipping clutch would be an oil leak. An excess amount of oil from the leak causes gear slippage.


If you notice that your clutch is sticking to the floor or is not releasing fully, then you almost certainly have a problem with the hydraulics of the transmission. At best, the hydraulic fluid needs changed. At worst, the master cylinder needs replaced.


A burning smell, sometimes accompanied with smoke, can indicate a transmission that is overheating. The causes may be that there isn’t enough transmission fluid in the reservoir or that the fluid is dirty and needs changed. Another cause may be a mechanical failure between the clutch’s flywheel and disk.

If you are noticing any of these issues with your clutch, then you may need Clutch Replacement in Salt Lake City. You should visit a transmission repair specialist like Tanner Transmissions Inc, where high-tech diagnostic equipment will be used to identify the exact problem and solve it quickly and affordably.