Taking The Mystery Out Of Electronic Strikers

byAlma Abell

For people upgrading their security or changing door control systems, the term Electric Strikes may come up. People who aren’t familiar with locks probably don’t know what an electric strike is or what it does. When shopping for door control systems, it’s important to know what some of the components of those systems are. The quality of the components in a control system will affect the system’s ability to perform its job. Once a person becomes familiar with what an electric strike is, it will be easier to know whether or not the best one for the job is being purchased.


Electric Strikes are devices placed on doors so the doors can be used with an access control system or some kind of system that relies on remote access. Unlike a magnetic lock, an electric strike isn’t responsible for actually securing a door. The purpose of the strike is to give access to a door that is secured without a key being needed to unlock the door. Security kits with these types of strikes will have different prices. While some can come cheaper than $100, other will easily cost several hundred dollars. Able Lock Shop and other lock retailers offer a variety of strikes.

There are some other things shoppers must know about these types of strikes. Some doors can’t use these strikes. A door without a lockset can’t use an electric strike. Also, there are times when a lockset might have to be changed so a strike can be used. The best type of lockset to use with an electric strike is one with a store-room function. This is when a lock doesn’t have any kind of unlocking mechanism on the inside of the door. Any door that has an unlocking mechanism negates the purpose of using an electric strike.

When should a person use an electric strike? Since there are many different electronic lock systems, an individual has to examine each one on a case-by-case basis. In general, if appearance is important to a door, it is usually best to choose an electric strike instead of a magnetic lock. If more security is needed, it may be best to choose a magnetic lock. You can like them on Facebook.


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