Woodworking Shop Plans Are Popular With Women

Submitted by: Clifford Glasgow

Woodworking shop plans is a growing industry. From being exclusive to shops and buildings, it is now playing a large role with women taking an interest.

Some recent studies have shown that independent women, wives and even moms are embarking on trying out woodworking projects. Many households today have beautiful wooden shelves, curio cabinets displaying a variety of objects, such as figurines, pictures, and other collectibles. Women are creating wooden toys, dolls houses, tree houses and swing sets. Wood seems to have become a medium where more and more woman are using it to decorate their homes and create beauty within the home. The stereotype casting of the man being the woodworker is fast fading, and women are now doing projects that only men did in the past.


In the past woodworking plans were used in the process of home building, garages, sheds and furniture. Society today is now introducing wood swing sets and other playground objects to keep children entertained in parks and playgrounds and recreation centre s. However, parents are now constructing swings and other wood playground objects in order to keep their children occupied and entertained in the home, instead of exposing them to the dangers that could happen in an unsupervised playground or park or recreation centre. Daycare centre s are also changing from metal to wooden structures such as swings and toys to keep the children in day care amused as well as an educational tool.

Woodworking is fast becoming a matter of choice among today s modern women. They have a greater understanding of modern woodworking opportunities, a good knowledge of paint and how to mix them to fit the surrounding environment, understanding grain patterns and using varnish to create an exciting new look to wood furniture, as well as offering good quality work. These new projects can transform a kitchen or bathroom, rooms that the family can enjoy. Collectibles displayed in cabinets is not a new concept, but is being revived and becoming popular in today s world, and many women are erecting shelves and building cabinets for this purpose.

Woodworking shop plans have evolved from projects that created shelter, to objects of beauty and entertainment. Women are creating china cabinets, book shelves, bird houses, staircases, flooring, wooden gazebos and many other interesting and popular projects. Only some women are into the actual physical part of wood working, other women use wood project plans like they are shopping in a catelog.

Women who use wood project plans to browse through are looking for furniture for their home, or looking to redecorate the kitchen or bathroom. They know what they want and will hire a carpenter or handyman to to the work. These women have interior design skills. Some of these women will use that skill to make a second income using their own personal contractor from one job to another, before you it they have made a name, a reputation and a base client list.

About the Author: I graduated from College in 1986 with a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Art. Drawing portraits using colored pencils, and acrylic paintings of sunsets and seascape scenery are the subjects I specialize in. My hobbies are wood working and article writing.




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