Benefits Of Using Kettle Bells

Benefits of using Kettle bells


Robert Farabaugh

The main benefit of using Kettlebells is they are great for fat loss. Whether you are just trying tone up and loose a little body fat . Or if you need to lose a lot of weight a kettlebell can help you reach your goals. You can even boost the fat burning benefits of a kettlebell by combining it with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); and the Tabata method. With these techniques you can blow through your plateaus to simply shred the fat from your body.

If you are a combat athlete that needs an edge in strength and endurance then try a Kettlebell. They will target your entire body in ways that Dumbbells and barbells can not. This is mainly due to the shift in the center of gravity. Primarily because of the handle being offset to the center of the weight unlike that of a dumbbell.

For strength training; a kettlebell will push you to new levels. Three of the main movements in a kettlebell workout are swings, cleans, and presses. The latter 2 of the 3 are becoming very popular in today’s physical culture. Mainly do to the increased popularity of strong man training and the new knowledge of the benefits of the “Olympic” lifts.


If you are short on time a kettlebell work out could be your ultimate friend. No matter how busy you are you only need a few minutes to get a decent work out. Whether it be for strength, fat loss, or conditioning; you can get your workout quickly and effectively. With a kettlebell you have no reason not to train. They take up little room and even less time.

In closing here is the top 5 things you need to know.

Kettlebells do work.

Kettlebells are excellent for fat loss.

Kettlebells can help you build endurance, and conditioning.

Kettlebells are great for building strength and joint stability.

A kettlebell work out is fast and easy and can be done a small space with a small investment.

Robert Farabaugh is a strength sports enthusiast and small business owner in the Philadelphia area. With 13 years experience training for strength sports. You can get more Kettlebell information


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Benefits of using Kettle bells

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