2008 SecuTech Expo starts in Taipei, Taiwan for grasping global security industry

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 

The 11th-annual SecuTech Expo & Asian Security Week, organized by New Era International Inc., starts with topics from security devices, information security, and fire & safety on April 16 to 18. 750 companies form 20 nations participated in this fair and more then hundred security experts grasped for the safety & security industry in Global Digital Surveillance Forum, Asia-pacific Information Security Forum, Asian Manufacturer Club and Annual Summit, and Annual Summit for Industrial and Environmental Safety in Taiwan.

In the Industrial Safety and Security Device areas, products related to CCTV and digital surveillance was progressively respected by industrial executives, and before the main show of the “SecuTech Award” announcements, most of participants manufactured security products in conjunction with IT security applications. By the way of the Asia-pacific Information Security Forum, several experts from IT industry did forecasts and analyzed crisis on global IT security.

New Era International Inc., the show organizer, scheduled to promote the “SecuTech” brand to Vietnam by holding the “SechTech Vietnem” first time at Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre (VEFAC) in Hanoi, Vietnam. And also, this fair was confirmed to move to the TWTC Nangang for more spaces to showcase the security industry worldwide including Taiwan.

Information Security Pavilion.Image: Rico Shen.

Vivotek PZ7151, a winning product from Digital Surveillance Products of SecuTech Award.Image: Rico Shen.

Smart Fire and Safety Forum.Image: Rico Shen.

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