A Guide To Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Submitted by: Anne C. Smith

There are cases where some women are not contented with the outcome of their breast augmentation surgery that they seek a revision procedure. For others, they need to have it done due to complications. So if you are contemplating on having it done, you might want to read these facts first before you have yourself cut open yet again.

Today, surgeons already have certain tools to help in deciding the appropriate breast implant size that a woman should have. This prevents the risk for revisions later on. But there are some women who just wants to go a size bigger insisting on another procedure.

If you want to have a revision done due to surgeon error which resulted to complications, make sure that for the corrective surgery you entrust this only to someone who else. Although there are some surgeons who do the revision for free, but to be sure find someone who has a reputation for sterling work particularly in breast revisions. This procedure requires more expertise so you should not entrust this to a second-rate doctor.

The good thing about breast revision surgery is that it is less uncomfortable as the initial surgery. In fact one can return to work a few days after the procedure.


For some women, they seek to have breast augmentation revision due to the fact that aging is catching up. It is important to remember that you have to make your body healthy so that you heal properly. Also, if you want to maintain your breasts firm and perky it helps to apply some firming cream and put on constant support by using an appropriate bra.

When considering revision surgery, it is also the best time to think about trying out other implants. You might find other types to be more appropriate this time around due to the type of form, projection, and safety it provides. For instance from saline implants, you might want to opt for gummy bear implants for that more natural look and feel, and for that better safety assurance.

There are also others who have breast augmentation revision due to implant ruptures. To avoid future problems entirely some opt out of having new implants being put in. But for those who to choose to replace their implants, always inquire about the new breast implants to be put in.

For those women who were unfortunate enough to receive the controversial PIP breast implants, there are countries where their government has programs that give operations to have these poor grade implants removed.

When you have your breast augmentation revision done, aside from having it performed by a reputable surgeon, proper aftercare also determines its success. Make sure that you properly cleanse the area and the wound to be adequately protected.

However there are individual qualities that can affect the results. So to give you the best chances at breast augmentation revision success, keep yourself healthy. Also think it through that if you want your breast implant surgery done again, don t go for the ridiculous. If you increase your size dramatically not only will it affect the way you look, but it could negatively affect your health in the long run.

About the Author: Breast Augmentation could make you a whole new person, both physically and emotionally. Thus it is important that you consult a surgeon who is expert on such field.

Dr. Michael Zacharia

of Esteem Cosmetic Studio is a certified cosmetic practitioner who specializes in cosmetic breast procedures.

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