About Your Family Law Attorney In Sullivan, Indiana

January, 2014 byAlma Abell

If you are involved in a legal situation that you are not certain how to handle, hiring a skilled family law attorney in Sullivan, Indiana may be the right choice. Often, there can be some confusion about precisely what it is that a family law attorney does because some people assume that family lawyers only deal with issues within the intact nuclear family. In fact, the family law attorney very frequently works with divorces, separations, and other matters of contention within families today.

Divorces are often the most common type of case handled by a family law attorney, but this extends into a lot of other areas including child support, child custody disputes, paternity disputes, property disputes, and much more in many cases. During the course of a divorce, property distribution must be one of the first things handled, and this will usually be done with the help of a family law attorney. Even though the court is ultimately responsible for ordering fair and equitable property distribution, the family law attorney will make a strong case for his client, showing why they deserve to keep the possessions and property they want to retain.

The court will also be responsible for designating a parent for custody and for determining a visitation schedule. This, too, can be strongly influenced by your family law attorney. A skilled family lawyer can literally make the difference between keeping custody of your children and losing it to your spouse. Child support will be determined on a case by case basis, and the court will consider special circumstances should they exist. Your family lawyer will explain the best way to get what you and your children deserve in child support money.

Your family law attorney in Sullivan, Indiana will help with every aspect of a divorce or separation, including arranging for future expenses related to children like insurance and schooling. If there are special circumstances related to your children’s care the attorney will demonstrate this to the judge and make sure you get what you and the children need. Whether your case is a divorce, separation, custody dispute, or any other matter related to the family your family law attorney can help make sure it is handled and resolved in your best interests.

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