Wisconsin Leads The Way In Submetering


What Is Submetering? The dictionary defines “utility submetering” as a system which allows landlords and real estate management associations (multi-tenant properties) to bill their tenants for individual measured utility usage. Submeters are physically placed inside each tenant’s unit for metering and monitoring electricity, gas, water, steam, or other types of utilities. Installed submeters confirm the data collected at utility companies stations. The usage and data information collected by submeters is generally sent every 15 minutes to an energy management software system for analysis. Traditional utility bill data, provided billing information after an entire month, but submetering closes this informational gap by providing real-time energy usage. The whole purpose of utility submetering is to identify savings opportunities for tenants.

The Purpose of SubmeteringSubmetering is the latest innovative technology that is growing popularity, both with utility providers and consumers. This metering method uses IP-connected sensors and utility meters to gather the energy management data. The savings for consumers are based more on behavioral changes, such as turning off or unplugging equipment and devices, while not in use. The utility submetering environment began in the commercial and industrial industries, such as companies with multiple warehouses, buildings, and stores. Now, its domestic use is helping consumers save more money, using strategies which go beyond traditional upgrades of lighting and other utility systems.

BenefitsThere are many benefits for submetering in various buildings, including:* The process eliminates utility costs from rental agreements.* The identification of devices and equipment running after an 8 hour day, (nighttime, off shift, weekends) can be identified for savings.* Building owners can recover most, if not all, of their monthly utility bill, which increases their cash flow.* Information is quickly available for operators and facility managers on the same day so that they can make changes for savings.* Water submetering helps homeowners to report leaks before they become major expenses.* The detection of any utility bill errors, provide better management of electricity usage.* Residents can be more responsible for their own energy and water consumption.* Helps to promote conservation efforts.

The Best in Submetering TechnologyPresently, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission does not have rules or regulations which would prohibit submetering. For now, it is a developer’s choice and real estate management’s choice to submeter. The go-to company to provide all the information needed on submetering is the ABT Water Management Company.

ABT is a licensed, national installer of some of the country’s most reliable and leading water meters. They do not sub-contract any meter installations; they have experienced crews that can work in a 15-house park or a 700-site manufactured housing community. Multi-tenant managers, no longer need to fit a utility bill for each tenant. Now, tenants can receive their actual utility use, which provides a fairer and more equitable billing system.

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