Role Of A Dentist In Maintaining Proper Dental Oral Hygiene

Role of a Dentist in maintaining proper Dental Oral Hygiene



In this Health conscious world, where everybody is very conscious about their health, and are always ready to go a step ahead to maintain a proper fitness regime. And maintain a good health, but very few are there who really care about their total health and that also includes dental health. Otherwise the maximum neglects the importance of maintaining dental oral hygiene and is only remembered whenever there is a dental problem with them.

This is because like other problems the dental problems are less frequent but one should always remember that when ever the dental problems persists firstly it hurts a lot and second most important thing is that the damage done is mostly permanent in nature. So it is very necessary to care of such things.

And most of us give an excuse of not having enough time to visit a dentist. The main reason is that, we don t want to wait in the long queue for our turn and that too when we have no problem. In the entire situation we are neglecting a fact that a dental care is very important for the overall health of a person. And a dentist can be of great help to maintain a proper dental health. Not only this, with the advancement in the cosmetic dentistry; it is now possible to enhance your smile and regain your confidence.

A dentist helps you in many ways, to keep your smile attractive.


Now a day s dentist is now just confined to a single job, as, on one day he is extracting tooth of an adult and on other he is just giving dental hygiene lesson to a nursery class children. To understand the job of a dentist and what role he plays in maintaining a proper dental health care, it is necessary to learn his key responsibilities:

He diagnoses for any oral disease at the right time and give appropriate suggestion for cure.

Tells his patients the right procedures for dental care techniques it may include brushing, flossing etc.

Plans treatment for his patients problems

Diagnoses the tests and observes x-rays to formulate his method of cure.

Monitoring of the advancements done from the treatment and take necessary steps

Also performs operations in case of any emergency.

One of the key responsibilities that he plays is overcoming the fear in the patient s mind about the tooth extraction or the operation that has to be performed on him.

Other than the above mentioned responsibilities, a dentist has to develop confidence in his patients and his fellow staff members.

David Hodge is a dental care expert and knows the importance of brushing and


in the proper maintenance of oral dental hygiene, which can avoid many

teeth problems

. In the present article he has tried to explain the importance of a dentist for the proper oral care and also the various jobs he performs in order to maintain total oral hygiene.

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