Are There Possible Steps To Improve Your Credit Score In 24hours?

By Tim H Lambert

Most people choose to use credit in buying things like a new house, cars, jewelries and many more. They do that because they cannot afford to buy it outright hence they resort to pay the commodity on a monthly basis. However, not all loans are being approved because lenders consider factors before lending money to the borrowers. The most significant factor is your credit score that reflects our credit history. Credit score is a three digit number that is calculated using complex algorithm by the three credit bureaus based primarily on your credit history. Your score can go from poor, to middle, to good up to the magical score of 720 above where any types of credit are allowed without the hassle of verifications. Credit scoring can go for as low as 200 and as high as 850. If you have a poor credit scoring, you may end up being rejected to the loans that you want thus you must take necessary steps to improve your credit score. Unfortunately, most people had a limited time to increase their credit score especially in the case that you really need to be approved for the loan. To improve your credit score in 24 hours need great effort in your part so that you can be eligible for the loan that you want.

Fortunately for you, recent breakthroughs in modern technology make it possible to improve your credit score in one day and it can save you thousands of dollars. You might be surprised that there are clients that raised credit scores in just two hours. There are many proven ways to increase credit score in a week or less. One company offered a system called rapid re-score that is offered only in your mortgage officer. With this technique, leg work is a must in order to alter your information on your credit report by yourself. For example, you must pay off collections or liens in a span of a week. The rapid re-score system provides a second look on your credit score the end of a week therefore improvements, if any, will appear on your second credit score.


The above technique requires assistance from a company, but there are also do-it-yourself credit repair steps that can improve your credit score in 24 hours. It is very necessary to payoff your collections. You must pay all kinds of collections whether it is the smallest collection item or the biggest one. For example, paying a $30 parking ticket can increase your credit score up to 15 – 30 points. Unpaid collection can hurt your score by as much as 20 points. After paying them off, you must obtain a letter from your creditor. These letters are termed payoff letter or deletion letter. After receiving those letters, fax them right away to the credit bureaus if possible, try to talk to them using the phone and coordinate a quick alteration in your credit scores. Also, you should obtain three lines of credit that are unsecured. Hence, if you have extra credit cards that you want to close, close them. You would be amazed that these can increase your score fast by doing these simple and easy steps.

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