Downgrade Psp

By Terry Dunn

“Downgrade Psp?” you ask, what the heck is that? Well if you have had your Psp for a little while now you might have heard of a Downgrade or downgrading you Psp. When referring to a Downgrade you are talking about returning your PSP firmware to an earlier version which had exploits that certain smart people could take advantage of, in this case we are talking about version 1.50.

When Sony found out that there were exploits that could enable people to play games that weren’t released by Sony themselves they released Firmware Updates (this was known as Upgrading your PSP) in the hope that this would make PSP users only purchase Sony UMD Games and Sony UMD Movies. Much to the annoyance of Sony when they started releasing firmware updates people started to try and find ways to hack the firmware so they could return the PSP back to a 1.50 which would once again allow them to play other games.

These other games and applications are known as “Homebrew” and are developed by programmers who want to release these games and applications free of charge to other PSP users around the world. This is the big attraction of a PSP Downgrade and is why people take the risk of downgrading their PSP. Currently there are 100’s if not 1000’s of homebrew games and applications available to download for free. Not only are there homebrew games available for the PSP user who has gone through the PSP Downgrade process but there are also 1000’s of “old school” games that you can play on you downgraded PSP, games like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and more.


“So can you downgrade any PSP?”, well at the time of writing you can downgrade any PSP that is firmware version 3.03 and below, this includes PSP’s with the TA-082 motherboards which up until a wile time ago were not able to be downgraded with ease. Unfortunately those with a PSP that is higher than 3.03 cannot downgrade as of yet but it is only expected to be a matter of time before a downgrader is made for those particular models.

All you have to do if you have one of the PSP’s that can be downgraded is find the correct downgrader. You must make sure that you use the correct downgrader or you risk bricking (rendering inoperable) your PSP. Once you have found the appropriate software to downgrade it, make sure you follow the instructions exactly as they are printed. If you do not follow those instructions exactly you will again brick your PSP. Once you brick your PSP your only option is to get it Mod-Chipped which would cost you around $100 or use it as a rather expensive paperweight.

The benefits of doing a PSP downgrade are numerous, the free games and applications, the DVD collection that you can back up and watch on you PSP all make the risk worth the reward.

Downgrade PSP today!

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